Lempert maneuver

The horizontal vestibular canal treatment Lempert maneuver 

  1. The person lies on his back half a minute

  2. The person moves to the healthy side head horizontally half a minute or until rotation stops.

  3. The person moves to the belly the forehead lowest the nose downwards half a minute

  4. The person moves on the treated ear head supported horizontally. If needed trembling of the head is supported until it stops.

  5. Then the person sits up. A rotating feeling may appear. The head is supported until it stops.

    The person sits in a chair with armrests 2-3 minutes.

  6. Usually the neck gets warmer because vasodilatation in the relaxed neck muscles. A decrease of sympaticotomy is seen. Blood pressure decreases some. 

You can open pictures from the link on the up/left the Lempert maneuver right side and down/left the left side Lempert maneuver.