Dyslexia treatment

    Treatment method

    The treatment significantly eases the reading and learning disorder, increases reading speed and significantly reduces reading errors, improves visual and auditory perception, coordination and improves the removal of these reactive effects. Studying and achieving results become easier.

    As the result of the treatments is the expansion of blood vessels and a drop in blood pressure, it is not recommended without a doctor's opinion for heart patients or others for whom this could pose a risk factor. After the treatment, sitting in a chair with armrests for 2 minutes is necessary. 

    If reading speed or correct reading does not improve when treating a reading-learning disorder, it is a sign of mutuality. We measure before and after the treatment. In this case, the opposite side is also taken care of, in which case the result improves according to experience. If, after the results of the treatments were good with the treatment of one side, it gets worse, it is bilateral OCI, i.e. otoconium irritation of the arch passage. In this case, the other side is also treated. It is all the more likely, the more difficult the initial situation of the problem. In the future, both sides will be treated. See above are other hints about mutuality.

    f you want the maximum result, the treatment is every morning continuously.remains


    It is important to remember that after treatments the muscles relax and the blood vessels expand. People with heart or blood vessel diseases should have a doctor's examination before starting treatments.

    Treatments should be performed carefully to avoid excessive twisting of the cervical spine.

Instructions for self treatment

     During the first week in the morning Lempert, Rahko and Semont maneuvers are performed.

    Thereafter it is continued in the same manner. Some persons may have sufficient benefit even of more seldom procedures. It is individual.

    If there is a backlash, report to the school health care.

    Usually the problem is the bilateral OCI. Then even the other channel system is treated. The maneuvers of the other side are mirror images, and given from the school health workers after doing the first maneuvers of the other side canals and when the improvement is stated.
    Then both sides are treated sufficiently often.

    The graphic instructions are given to this.

    If something atypical appears in these questions , contact the school heath care, who contacts doctor of the group.

    It is useful to perform the treatments according to the guide; all the phases are necessary.

    It is important to act exactly according to the instructions.