Rahko maneuver

    1. The person lies on the side the treated ear up the head hanging down over the brim about 25 degrees half a minute, or until vertigoes reaction stops.
    2. The person lies as above the head supported horizontally half a minute.
    3. The head is supported about 25 degrees upwards half a minute or until vertiginous reaction stops
    4. The person sits up supported in a chair with armrests 2-3 minutes. During this period the warmth reaction advances to lower extremities usually.
    5. At the end of this period usually the changes in vision begin: better clarity, more light, stronger colors, better contrast, better discrimination, after movement instant recognition, larger visual field , better cognition. These may tested in this stage.

    Oheisilla linkeillä avautuu Rahkon manööverin ohje omalle välilehdelle.